No 145  August 09


            Well, now I am a Gangsters moll,

            And I’ve been named Tallulah,

            The only thing that rhymes with this,

            Of course makes me The Ruler.


            So now you’ve named us gangsters,

            We might commit a crime,

            We’ve already got our masks on,

            But we’ll end up doing time.


            Well that’s not really too bad,

            We’re locked up not locked down,

            And I’m not writing poetry,

            There’s mail bags to be sewn.


            We’re being kept for nothing,

            And I quite like the staff,

            I’ve been reading all my poems to them,

            We’ve had a damn good laugh.


            So now we’re back to good old us,

            That’s how it’s got to be,

            Geoff upon his laptop,

            Me writing poetry.


            I’ve just written this to make you smile,

            I can’t always write “a gem”,

            So please be understanding,

            And just put up with them.


            We’ve been called the “Dynamic Duo”,

            That is praise indeed,

            Just cannot think what we’d do,

            If someone was in need.