No 146  August 10


            Iím just here to send you poems,

            I donít usually have a rant,

            I usually keep my mouth shut,

            But this time I just canít.


            I like to keep things topical,

            And do the best I can,

            But now I am left wondering,

            Whatís the next thing they will ban.


            Theyíre targeting the 50 Ė 70ís now,

            Where does this all come from,

            I suppose they think the over 80ís,

            Are at home where they belong.


            When I was a little girl,

            A Great uncle came to stay,

            He talked to me for hours,

            I remember something he did say.


            Heíd say ďA young man thinks an old manís stupid,

            But an old man KNOWS a young manís stupidĒ,


            I think these words say it all,

            Do not pick on the old,

            This virus will not go away,

            Until WE ALL do as weíre told.


            RANT OVER