No 147  August 11


            Last week we heard of something new,

            Its called Couch to 5k,

            Well although this is wonderful,

            For us its couch all day.


            Although Ive trouble with back and knee,

            I try to do some walking,

            As I am sure youre all aware,

            I have no trouble talking.


            Because were getting older,

            Little things sometimes are a trouble,

            Were sitting here just working out,

            Who the hell is in our bubble?


            The rules are always changing,

            And leave us all in doubt,

            Im sorry Boris, we dont know,

            If we are in, or out.


            Sometimes my mind just goes blank,

            I look to you for inspiration,

            Weve been together so long now,

            You feel like a relation.


            Well were in our own bubble,

            It cant be taken away,

            Just as long as Geoff can type,

            And I think of things to say.


            If youve not got many family,

            Things can be quite hard,

            But now youve got lots of friends,

            Who never need a Card   (Birthday or Christmas lol),


            Were all really fed up now,

            Just no need to pretend,

            But lets all hope and pray,

            It will soon come to an end.