No 148  August 12


            It’s 8 am in the morning,

            And I’ve just had a thought,

            Must put it down in writing,

            Before my mind goes back to nought.


            I’ve written nearly 150 poems now,

            And I thank you for your support,

            It’s kept us all together,

            Each morning we report.


            Well knowing where we are right now,

            Often seems a trouble,

            Well I’ve just found the answer,

            You’re all in Celia’s bubble.


            We’re all keeping in touch each day,

            We’ve been here from the start,

            No worries about social distancing,

            We’re thousands of miles apart.


            My poems keep us together,

            They usually hit a spot,

            And then of course there’s “fingers”,

            He never has forgot.


            So once again, thank you my friends,

            You know it is no trouble,

            You’re now in an exclusive club,

            You’re members of “Celia’s Bubble”.