No 15   April 1


                                    Celiaís having a nightmare


            Anyone who knows me,

            Knows I cannot do my hair,

            Iím always at the hairdressers,

            To miss is very rare.


            When we go away on holiday,

            The first thing that we try,

            Is find a good hairdresser,

            For a needed wash and dry.


            To some that may be a luxury,

            But it is not for me,

            I need a hairdresser all the time,

            Itís pure necessity.


            For me it is a problem,

            In Vegas the price is so high,

            I went out and treat myself,

            I thought a wig Iíll buy.


            I got dressed up and put it on,

            Though a good one, still quite naff,

            I took a look into the mirror,

            And had a damned good laugh.


            So when they let us out of here,

            And we meet up for a chat,

            If youíre wondering who that woman is,

            Itís me, Iím in a hat.