No 150  August 14


            Another anniversary,

            150 Poems today,

            How long can I keep it going?

            I just won’t stop – NO WAY.


            I’ll see out this virus,

            And though it gives us trouble,

            We’re going to beat the damn thing,

            By keeping in my bubble,


            When I send these poems each day,

            You wonder how I do,

            Well often when I start one,

            I haven’t got a clue.


            I love keeping in touch with you,

            It helps me pass the time,

            It also makes me use my brain,

            By getting them to rhyme.


            One of my “club” members,

            Said a book I should release,

            The way that it is going,

            It could be like “War & Peace”.


            Every now and then we’re sent,

            New rules from Boris to remember,

            I bet if he knew of our club,

            He’d want to be a member.


            There is nothing complicated,

            Everybody has a say,

            We know which bubble we are in,

            And use it every day.


            I’d really love to see you all,

            I’m missing everyone,

            Let’s hope before 200 comes,

            This virus will have gone.