No 151  August 15


            After reading a poem today,

            Another subject I could use,

            Verses come into my head,

            Ones I donít want to lose,


            The poem was very funny,

            All about us getting old,

            The young ones think weíre ancient,

            Or so I have been told.


            When you are about 15,

            Someone 30 is really passed it,    

            And if theyíve got to 50,      

            Theyíve well and truly lost it.


            Well Iím just thinking where lifeís gone,

            It does seem to have flown,

            And yet Iím thinking the last few months,

            Maybe, the worst Iíve known.


            I used to have a pony tail,

            Mini skirts and knee length boots,

            Now Iím covering up my legs,

            And the hairdresser does my roots.


            I watched the kids across the road,

            Now theyíre watching me,

            I just dread if the day comes,

            When they feed me my tea.


            But now Iíve got more like the kids,

            Wouldnít do as they were told,

            I still will do just what I want,

            Because Iím getting old.