No 152  August 16


            We walk around the site each day,

            Of the exercise I’m glad,

            A poem will come into my head,

            I’ll say, “Geoff please find my pad”,


            When we’re out Geoff laughs at me,

            I’ll say in my head I have a poem,

            I think I can remember it,

            To write it down when we get home.


            I’ve told you all the memories,

            That come into my brain,

            But then someone mentions something,

            And off I go again.


            Some of you may be worried,

            That I no longer bake,

            I’ve got to keep this skill alive,

            For everybody’s sake.


            I still love to do my baking,

            Anytime I can,

            I’ve got a lovely kitchen,

            Even at the caravan.


            You see I always think of you,

            But of course you all knew that,

            You do know that we run the risk,

            Of getting really fat.


            So now I’ve got the solution,

            Give it away to neighbours,

            They really are so grateful,

            And thank me for my favours,


            I really can’t wait for the day,

            When we get back to Shelf,

            And Geoff says “now it’s supper time,

            Please go and help yourself”.