No 153  August 17


            Back in March I told you,

            Iíd write a poem each day,

            Little did I know then,

            This virus came to stay.


            I love writing these poems for you,

            Let me make it clear,

            But then of course, who could know,

            It may go on a year.


            I feel as if I talk to you,

            I do it all in rhyme,

            I think it makes it better,

            And Iím stuck here with the time.


            I think when we do finally meet,

            I really must rehearse,

            So when I start to speak to you,

            I donít break into verse.


            Something will just set me off,

            Geoff sees me, pen in hand,

            Fingers at the ready,

            The poem goes on as planned.


            People often ask me,

            How I think of things to say,

            Well Iíve got lots of time to spare,

            We didnít go away.


            Iíve got a very quiet voice,

            I just donít make much noise,

            If Iíd have had to read those,

            I would have lost my voice.


            So keep reading all the poems,

            Because they mean so much,

            Itís the only way at the moment,

            That we can keep in touch.