No 154  August 18


            When we started up our class,

            Geoff said “we need a name”

            I said “let’s call it “Best of Friends”,

            That’s always been our aim.


            A friend sent me a video,

            I’d love you all to watch,

            I’m sure you’ll think about life now,

            Me, it sure did touch.


            This young man can’t speak a word,

            And yet he loves to sing,

            Even with all his problems,

            Such pleasure he can bring.


            So let’s take a leaf out of his book,

            Count our blessings every day,

            Knowing that we’ll be good as new,

            When this thing goes away.



            (I know I won’t be good as new,

            A miracle there is not,

            But I am very grateful,

            And make the best of what I’ve got.)