No 155  August 19


              Many, many years ago,

              My first husband had a potato round,

              He delivered to private houses,            

              To customers I had found.


              He went down with lumbago,

              So guess who got the job,

              My son came out to help me,

              A day from school he’d robbed.


              It was a really shocking day,

              We were wet through to the skin,

              I’d to go to the school that night,

              To a show my daughter was in.


              After I got ready,

              I looked at my hair,

              No way could I go anywhere,

              At me they all would stare.


              My Aunt had been from America,

              A wig she’d brought for me,

              There was no other option,

              The wig it would have to be.


              As I walked in the school hall,

              A KID on the front row,

              Shouted Mrs Horsfield’s got a wig on,

              Now everyone would know.


              My daughter was upon the stage,

              Her face just said it all,

              She looked at me in horror,

              And just ran from the hall.


              I ran out after her,

              And when I’d found my car key,

              I found her at the bus stop,

              She wouldn’t speak to me.


              As a wife and mother,

              I’d done the best I could,

              I’d tried to please everyone,

              But no one understood.