No 156  August 20


            Weíre here at our caravan,

            The weatherís been so bad,

            I really do think,

            Itís the worst weíve ever had.


            The rain has been so heavy,

            I thought the roof would fall on me,

            The only option is to play games,

            Ďcause we canít hear the TV.


            One morning when we got up,

            My son called round to say,

            All the roads around were blocked,

            So inside we had to stay.


            Soon weíre going to the Pleasure Beach,

            So please would you refrain,

            From sending me a message,

            To say Iíve gone insane.


            The trip was booked 2 weeks ago,

            About the weather kids donít care,

            Instead of a mask, a balaclava,

            Will cover up my hair.


            We know this yearís been lousy,

            Of that there is no doubt,

            But I can say with feeling,

            Here itís also a washout.