No 157   August 21


            I think we now have had enough,

            And now we will have a recession,

            The  NHS will be out in force.

            To treat us for depression.


            I sometimes think we are getting there,

            So I glance at Facebook.

            There just is no improvement,

            Why did I take a look.


            At first we were all gutted,

            But got into a routine,

            But now were going stir crazy,

            At the length that it has been.


            I try to get a smile from you,

            And send you what it takes,

            But when you read this poem today,

            Youll cry in your Corn Flakes.


            When we mentioned Christmas,

            It just could not be fun,

            I just could not enjoy myself,

            Without all my children.


            Im not depressed at the moment,

            From this poem youd never guess,

            I bet our next holiday is cancelled,

            Well still be in this mess.


            So when this is all over,

            My passport will get some stick,

            Because I am running out of time,

            Ill fly off somewhere quick.