No 158   August 22


            When Iím writing these poems for you,

            I wonder how youíre coping,

            Iíd love for us to all meet up,

            At the moment, thatís just hoping.


            When is this damn thing going to end,

            It could really get you depressed,

            Iím usually very placid,

            But sometimes I get stressed.


            That isnít very often,

            Weíve got through this quite well,

            Geoff sits at his computer,

            And Iíve got a tale to tell.


            At 83 times running out,

            And though weíre doing fine,

            Marco wonít have the same appeal,

            If I get to 89.


            Did I just say 89,

            My god Iíll be in trouble,

            If Iíve got a poem to send,

            To all you in my bubble.


            Well to all of you in my bubble,

            Iíve not seen a paper or watched TV,

            I donít want to hear the bad news,

            Will someone inform me when weíre free.