No 159   August 23


            Im sitting at the Bingo,

            A game I love to play,

            The only trouble that I have,

            I take no cash away.


            I suppose my luck has come in love,

            You all know what I mean,

            Without this person in my life,

            My poems would not be seen.


            I suppose that would be a shame,

            If my work you did not see,

            Its all down to my helper,

            And he does it all for free.


            His fingers may be aching,

            But he puts up with the pain,

            Its a much easier option,

            Than having me to train.


            As Im always writing poetry,

            We enjoy what we both do,

            It keeps us out of bother,

            And passes time on too.


            With all these months weve had now,

            Were missing everyone,

            The Dynamic Duos there for you,

            Until this thing has gone.