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            No 16   April 2


            Well here we are another day,

            I suppose it could get boring,

            I realise that we should be glad,

            To see them re-appearing,


            They’ve put plenty on your screens now,

            That you can do together,

            There is of course advantages,

            Nothings affected by the weather.


            If hopefully we get out of this,

            And we have watched the screen,

            We’ll be fitter than we’ve ever been,

            And boy will we be clean.


            When they let us out of here,

            And we don’t have to bother,

            We’ll still all stand 6 feet apart,

            And yell at one another.


            I do not like to drive now,

            It just is not my thing,

            When I look in my mirror,

            And there, some fool is on my wing.


            I know that it would make my day,

            And bring relief into my heart,

            If the government would make a law,

            Cars keep 15 yards apart.


            Some good has got to come of this,

            Just think of what we’ve missed,

            So get your pen and paper out,

            And make your bucket list.