No 160   August 24


            We went down to Cornwall,

            Many years ago,

            My son booked a house for the six of us,

            Because he loved it so.


            He wanted us to go catching crabs,

            We would have a competition,

            My son, his wife and one daughter me Geoff and the other,

            Would go on this expedition,


            We set off down towards the dock,

            Bits of string and bits of bacon,

            We’re all very competitive,

            Didn’t know what we’d undertaken.


            The daughter with Geoff and me,

            Can’t help but get excited,

            We love her ‘cause she’s so much fun,

            In fact we were delighted.


            We’d caught quite a lot of crabs that day,

            But Chloe wanted more,

            She stepped over the side onto a ladder,

            I hadn’t seen before,


            Suddenly a great big splash,

            We wondered what we had heard,

            Chloe had fallen in,

            And totally disappeared.


            We were ready to jump in,

            When Chloe popped up wet through,

            Thank goodness she was safe and sound,

            Even if her glasses were all askew.


            I suppose it seems quite funny now,

            Things do when you look back,

            But the moment she fell off the wall,

            I thought I’d had a heart attack.