No 161   August 25


            When I look at our friends each day,

            They come from near and far,

            But the thing that has struck me,

            So many are a Grandma.


            This is a wonderful place to be,

            And takes many years to get there,

            They just brighten up every day,

            Without them you couldn’t bare.


            When we go to some events,

            I think someone’s sat alone,

            When I go to speak to them,

            They’ve got grandchildren on their phone.


            To see them take their first steps,

            And then begin to walk,

            And what a lot of pleasure,

            When they begin to talk.


            Of course sometimes we’re tired,

            And have to take a rest,

            We think about our little ones,

            Which are of course “the best”.


            You all love your new status,

            You’ve had so long to wait,

            But I have waited longer,

            And my title now is “Great”.


            Leah often says to me,

            For these steps grandma take my hand,

            A lump comes up inside my throat,

            Moments like this can not be planned.


            Until you actually get there,

            You couldn’t believe the pleasure,

            That these little people in your life,

            Bring memories you will treasure.