No 162   August 26


              Today I was looking forward,

              Keith & Polly we’d arranged to meet,

              We haven’t seen them for 6 months,

              So this would be a treat.


              Geoff had arranged to meet them,

              Where we know the food is good,

              Just before we got there,

              Polly rang to say “no food”.


              Polly said they’d had a word,

              Said we’d meet where they’d recommended,

              It seemed to take forever,

              The country lanes just never ended.


              When we finally met them,

              In the middle of nowhere,

              The flipping place was all shut down,

              I think I just might swear.


              On a garden centre we decided,

              Polly said the cafeteria we’d have to use,

              Prawn cocktail was £12.00,

              And the cake we did refuse (£5.00).


              We said we’d find a Weatherspoons,

              And let Keith lead the way,

              The rain and traffic were horrendous,

              Keeping him in sight we’d pray.


              Of course we were separated,

              The day was a disaster,

              I didn’t know where I was,

              In Preston or Lancaster.


              Polly rang to have a word,

              Said we’d meet another time,

              But then of course she told me,

              Of this to make a rhyme.


              So we are back at the caravan,

              No food has passed our lips,

              Then Polly rang to tell us,

              They’d had fish and chips.


              So when the sun decides to shine,

              At the caravan we’ll meet,

              Then we can have a catch up,

              And the meal will be a treat.