No 163   August 27


            We’re at the caravan just now,

            We’re lucky getting away,

            I really have enjoyed myself,

            I’ve had a baking day.


            Well actually it’s twice this week,

            The other day I made some scones,

            Today I have made parkin,

            And also lemon buns.


            I made some stem ginger oat biscuits,

            And a Malteser tray bake too,

            When I am busy cooking,

            I always think of you.


            I think about the suppers,

            And I always find,

            Different things that I produce,

            Brings people to my mind,


            People tell me things they love,

            As I cook it makes me smile,

            You all know that I love it,

            And I know it is worthwhile.


            This afternoon was lovely,

            I really enjoyed myself,

            I just wish that it was going,

            To be there for you at Shelf.


            I hope we will be back there soon,

            To see you all would be a pleasure,

            But depending what month it is,

            We’ll be thinking about the weather, (LOL)


            When we’ve done all our talking,

            Catching up, so much to say,

            When you get on that dance floor,

            It will be like you haven’t been away.