No 164   August 28


            On holiday I hit the shops,

            I like to keep in fashion,

            Even though my wardrobes,

            Say Iíve got more than my ration.


            Well Covidís found something new,

            And given me a task,

            If Iíve to go round looking good,

            I need a fancy mask.


            Some of them are really nice,

            But Iíve seen some that are weird,

            I wonít be getting one of them,

            Ill look like I have a beard.


            This Covidís been a ruddy pest,

            But it canít keep us apart,

            Iíve proved it with my poetry,

            Weíve chatted from the start.


            I know I cannot dance much,

            My back and knees are bad,

            But that doesnít stop me thinking,

            Of the lovely times Iíve had.


            I met all you lovely people,

            Who I now call a friend,

            So sod this damn pandemic,

            Weíll be there at the end.