No 165   August 29


            Well I suppose I could get depressed,

            Looking at the holiday weíd planned,

            Weíve already lost one,

            Now this one will be banned.


            So there goes another one,

            To America we were heading,

            But the only thing thatís flying now,

            Is that ruddy virus, spreading.


            As I have said already,

            Christmas I canít think about,

            I like my family round me,

            I donít want to be without.


            After a hectic Christmas,

            New Yearís Eve is our quiet night,

            Geoff and I have a lovely meal,          

            And put the world to rights.


            At midnight we watch fireworks,

            And the clock strike on TV,

            We kiss and say ďHappy New Year LoveĒ,

            The future we canít see.


            Iím writing 2020 off,

            Itís been o lousy year,

            And hoping í21 will see,

            Everything being clear.


            I canít believe I said that,

            My writing pad wants it gone,

            360 pages seemed a lot,

            But Iíll need another one.