No 166   August 30


            We were both excited,

            When Keith & Polly we arranged to meet,

            We havenít seen them for so long,

            To meet would be a treat.


            Well as you know it all went wrong,

            Restaurants and pubs closed, weather horrendous,

            But one little thing that Polly said,

            To me was just stupendous.


            We didnít get to have our chat,

            We hardly got to speak,

            And as you know from my other poem,

            We arranged for another week.


            When we met just for minutes,

            The first thing Polly did say,

            Well it is so lovely to see you,

            But I donít feel like Iíve been away.


            That just said it all for me,

            Weíre now all in my bubble,

            It helps us all to keep in touch,

            And keeps us out of trouble.


            As long as I keep sending poems,

            And Geoff puts them on facebook,

            You all have a new aim in life,

            Itís the first place that you look.


            I think this club weíre inís unique,

            Weíre the only one for sure,

            So come on Celia get inspired,

            Weíve got to have some more