No 167   August 31


            Happy Bank Holiday everybody,
            Hope you’ve enjoyed the rest,
            The weather’s been more favourable,
            But it still is not the best.


            Who thought that way back in March,
            This year would be so bad,
            I think we’ve all done marvellous,
            And that makes me so glad.


            To show that we can come to terms,
            With all that’s sent our way,
            And cope with all the new rules,
            They throw at us each day.


            It may be a holiday weekend,
            But that is just a name,
            As you are all quite well aware,
            Every day is just the same.


            But somehow we will get there,
            And this nightmare we will beat,
            I suppose you could console yourself,
            And treat yourself and eat.


            So we’re forever making bubbles,
            New members ever day,
            We’ve all got the same ambition,
            To see Covid on it’s way.