No 168   September 01


            I feel I should be happy,

            In fact I am elated,

            At the way we get together,

            With this club we have created.


            When we read the poem each day,

            Everyday our friends are there,

            If someone seems to miss a few,

            Then we all start to care.


            A phone call then is needed,

            To see they are alright,

            Its been a way to hear from friends,

            And keep them in our sight.


            Ill make myself the president,

            Ive a wonderful PA,

            Hes always there each morning,

            And never missed a day.


            This club just makes me happy,

            And mentions weve got plenty,

            Its one of the better things to start,

            During this rotten Covid 20.


            Its given me an inner strength,

            And I feel Ive an extension,

            To that thing that makes you feel real old.

            When you collect your pension.


            So Im sending you a high five,

            Weve got no way of knowing,

            However long this thing may take,

            This club will keep on going.