No 169   September 02


            Today we went to Morrison’s,

            We just went for one thing,

            That of course is fatal,

            A full trolley you do bring.


            There was an offer at the door,

            Boxes of chocolates at a good price,

            For Shelf they would be perfect,

            For the Quiz they would be nice.


            We looked at the date on them,

            Could we back at Shelf,

            If not the only option,

            Geoff eats them all himself.


            We also laughed at the names on them,

            “Celebrations” for our freedom,

            And “Heroes” for our poetry,

            ‘cause you’ll no longer need ‘em.


            So when we do get back there,

            And if you win The Quiz,

            Just inspect the boxes,

            And see what date it is.


            But if you have survived all this,

            An old chocolate out of date,

            Won’t give you a second thought,

            ‘cause the dancing feels so great.