No 17   April 3


            Iím trying to keep positive,

            But Iím finding it quite hard,

            Iíd rather not know anything,

            And the news try to discard.


            But weíre all in this together,

            Our family and our friends,

            We have to pull together,

            If weíre to make amends,


            I wanted you all to know,

            Iím worried just like you,

            So when I send these poems for you,

            I hope they get you through.


            Geoff and I are loving this,

            When your comments we both read,

            I really must keep writing them,

            I think there is a need,


            I know you write some lovely things,

            And think Iíve got a craft,

            Itís cause of ďthe way I tell emĒ,

            They really sound so daft.


            Iím not much good at spelling,

            And I just hate to type,

            Itís a good job Geoff is sending these,

            Or you would get some tripe.


            I know Iíve got to send these poems,

            Just to create a laugh,

            Although Geoff shouldnít work right now,

            I really need the staff.


            So when you make your comments,

            Which make our day, itís true,

            Remember Iím just the writer,

            And itís Geoff that gets them through.