No 170    September 03


            I think this virus is clever,

            But then I donít know so much,

            It seems to go for certain groups,

            To get within itís clutch.


            The over seventies it must get,

            Thatís because it is so clever,

            Iíll target them, theyíre easy,

            They canít go on forever.


            But then it heads in different ways,

            And brings devastation to everyone,

            Itís going all around the world,

            We need this killer gone.


            No one knows the answers,

            We look each day for news,

            We never end up happy,

            To turn it off is what we choose.


            Weíre trying hard to come to terms,

            The end is not in sight,

            All we can do is follow rules,

            And hope we get them right.


            It will go down in history,

            Where the enemy was unknown,

            And everyone around the world,

            Into chaos they were thrown.


            But youíve got to see the funny side,

            Although I hate it with a passion,

            Please donít let them put on record,

            Toilet rolls had to go on ration.