No 171    September 04


            Iíve just heard about the children,

            Going back to school,

            I know I should be pleased for them,

            Weíve got to stick to the rule.


            But I have got mixed feelings,

            We love our children so,

            When after weíre told to stay in,

            How can we let them go.


            Itís been a dreadful time we know,

            But our job is to protect them,

            I canít help it, Iím not happy,

            To me it is a problem.


            Thereíll be no social distancing,

            With the little ones at play,

            The teachers have so much to do,

            Theyíre busy all the day.


            I may not be correct with this,

            But I just have to say,

            Thereís nothing I can do I know,

            So Iíll just have to pray.