No 172    September 05


            Although Iíve written all these poems,

            Iím finding it very hard,

            For certain things I want to say,

            That I can not discard.


            I know itís been a long long drag,

            But youíve made us both feel great,

            With your lovely comments every day,

            To read them we canít wait.


            We really would both like to send,

            A reply to every one,

            But of course letís think of ďFingersĒ,

            Heíd be typing much too long.


            So weíre sending you our love and thanks,

            We cannot really grumble,          

            In fact youíve brought us pleasure,

            And made us feel quite humble.


            When we get back to normal,

            These contacts will all go,

            I must admit, if truth were known,

            Iím going to miss them so.


            Iíll have to write you now and then,

            And that is sure a fact,

            I would just be checking up to see,

            If my bubbleís still intact.