No 173    September 06


            I think that the time has come,

            To concentrate on my PA,

            He’s there to type out all my poems,

            And doesn’t miss a day.


            What would we do without him,

            You’d never hear from me,

            Although I did learn how to type,

            It doesn’t look like poetry.


            We may be watching telly,

            And I’ve my pad upon my knee,

            He sees the pen start working,

            And says “ Oh No, more work for me”,


            When you see Geoff on the dance floor,

            And the steps he can’t remember,

            Just try to help him all you can,

            ‘cause of our bubble he’s a founder member.


            What would I do without him,

            My poems you’d never see,

            So please let’s all remember,

            This bubble’s Geoff & Me,


            Geoff didn’t want to type this poem,

            But I think he deserves some recognition,

            I think our bubble would just burst,

            If he gave his resignation.