No 174    September 07


            A lot of you say to me,

            You donít know how I do it,

            Iíd be glad to tell you,

            If I really knew it.


            A little something comes to mind,

            And that just starts me going,

            And then of course a poem is there,

            Without me really knowing.


            When I said Iíd write a poem each day,

            So many moons ago,

            I didnít realise what Iíd said,

            In fact no-one could know.


            But itís turned out advantageous,

            When I take a look,

            It kept us all together,

            And I may have a book.


            We wonít let Covid beat us,

            Our bubble it canít burst,

            So let the damn thing fizzle out,

            When it has done itís worst.


            I hope that timeís not far away,

            We have no way of knowing,

            But one thing is for certain,

            We will keep on going.