No 175    September 08


            This year is a disaster,

            The worst I can recall,

            Even though I was just born pre war years,

            I dont remember it at all.


            But this ones been so different,

            I say that tongue in cheek,

             In fact its been damned awful,

            And things still look so bleak,


            Wed a holiday booked in Marco,

            2 weeks in my favourite place,

            And then on to Vegas,

            Its such a damned disgrace.


            Im worried about Christmas,

            My parties I always love,

            When will we get some respite,

            From this thing from above.


            Next February wed a month booked,

            To go to Tenerife,

            I wonder if by that time,

            We will have some relief,


            I know were getting through it,

            But are we supposed to cheer,

            I suppose it is a blessing,

            That we are all still here,


            I bet youre thinking what a poem,

            Today it is so bad,

            But when I start thinking holidays,

            It gets me ruddy mad.