No 176    September 09


            The poem I sent you yesterday,

            May have seemed quite wrong,

            I know the holidays will come back round,

            But can I live that long.


            I have some lovely memories,

            Of which I am aware,

            But that does not change the fact,

            Iím wanting to be there.


            At Christmas Iíll be 84,

            My insurance is sky high,

            But as soon as they release me,

            To Marco I will fly.


            Donít get me wrong, Iím positive,

            And dreaming of the day,

            When I say to Geoff, ďget my passportĒ,

            Weíll be on our way.


            As far as holidays are concerned,

            I feel my days are numbered,

            Please hurry with the vaccine,

            Or else I will be lumbered.


            But I know for certain,

            Geoff will get me there,

            Weíll get through all the airports,

            Geoff pushing my wheelchair.