No 177    September 10


            Iíd like you to forgive me,

            For going on about my age,

            I should be glad to be there,

            Many donít reach this stage.


            My life has just been wonderful,

            I want it to carry on,

            I canít bear the thought, through Covid,

            All this could just be gone.


            You know I often push myself,

            Well beyond my limit,

            But I love doing what I do,

            And my heart is always in it.


            So let us all think positive,

            Let Covid do itís worst,

            Stick together, keep in touch,

            Donít let our bubble burst.


            Weíve created one big family,

            Donít let it drift apart,

            I feel together weíll get there,

            From a poem this all did start.