No 178    September 11


            Although this year’s been doom and gloom,

            I feel right from the start,

            We’ve kept in touch through Face Book,

            And never been apart.


            I know it sounds a silly thing,

            Probably the worst year we have known’,

            But everyone I speak to,

            Says for them it’s really flown.


            Some people are less fortunate,

            The months have been so tough,

            The end cannot come soon enough,

            They’ve had it oh so rough.


            But the end will come, that is for sure,

            No-one can know just when,

            Then the outside world I feel for sure,

            Would feel quite alien.


            I feel like I should be back at school,

            With a plan for the day I’d see,

            I’d like it all in writing,

            Just where I’ve got to be.


            As most of you who know me,

            Know I’ll make a range of masks,

            And yes they are to match my clothes,

            Before anybody asks.


            Well “a girl” has to do something,

            ‘cause the government came up with zilch,

            It’s nearly getting to the point,

            When I’ll be sewing squares for quilts.