No 18   April 4


                Weíre managing with this lockdown,

              Geoff said we could cope whatever,

              He said we could get through anything,

              As long as weíre together.


              I started writing poetry,

              Something different to try,

              Geoff put it onto Facebook,

              And now the days fly by.


              I said I started poetry,

              Well Iíve done it many a year,

              From the response Iíve had from all of you,

              I should have made it my career.


              I know we canít go anywhere,

              And feel like a recluse,

              But I have just decided,

              To put the time to use.


              Weíve sorted all the drive out,

              We have got quite a lot,

              And got the garden looking nice,

              With flowers in every pot,


              We set some tasks for every day,

              Our home is looking fine,

              And because we share everything,

              Some are his and some are mine.


              Weíve cleared out all the cupboards,

              Paintworks not so bad,

              I really think Iíd call this,

              Spring Cleaning just gone mad.


              And then there is me of course,

              I would like to look great,

              Iíll try hard to be sensible,

              And try and lose some weight.


              And now because Iíve said all this,

              You all think that Iím mad,

              Iím the only person on lockdown,

              Who has used it, and feel glad.