No 181    September 14


My great granddaughter’s back at school,

She is only six,

I am over 80,

And told that I can’t mix.


I think they think we’ve lived too long,

I don’t get any cheer,

When I go to see the doctor,

He thinks “is she still here,


They put us first in lockdown,

Said that we were far too vulnerable,

Well we’ll show them they were wrong,

We’re here and very capable.


I suppose if they’re starting with the kids,

In my mind there’s no doubt,

They’ll keep us ‘til the very end,

Before they let us out.


We don’t arrange big parties,

Or start up any trouble,

Some young ones take no notice,

They won’t get in my bubble.


I’d like to start another bubble,

And put them all inside,

Then they’d have to behave,

Celia’s rules would be applied.


I realise it’s just a handful,

The young ones are good mostly,

But for goodness sake if they break the rules,

Make it very costly.


I’ve always loved young people,

But if they step out of line,

Let’s help out the economy,

Slap on a damn big fine.