No 182    September 15


I think right now we need a laugh,

Itís something we all need,

This is really your fault,

With my poems you all agreed.


If I can read your minds so well,

And know just what youíre thinking,

Perhaps I could lead the world,

We all know the world is shrinking.


Thereís only one thing I would do,

Thatís make a friend of everyone,

Then there would be no more wars,

And racism would be gone.


Now the economy is different,

I may not be much good,

I may blow all the money in,

On lovely clothes and food.


Just think what this world would be like,

If you put me in charge,

No-one dare step out of line,

If Celia was at large.


But letís get back to reality,

Iíll just stay in my bubble,

So please donít agree with me today,

Or we will be in trouble.


Weíre only here a short while,

Before we have to go above,

Wouldnít it be lovely,

If the world was filled with love.