No 184     September 17


            Thereís not many people,

            Keep in touch by verse,

            Thatís why Iíll keep on writing,

            My poetry to disperse.


            I just would like you all to know,

            When the comments that you send,

            Bring us so much pleasure,

            We donít want them to end.


            I feel that though weíre far apart,

            Somehow we are together,

            And thank goodness our meetings,

            Donít depend upon the weather.


            When we said the other day,

            Iíd written a poem at 5.00,

            I know that I am different,

            Most people arenít ďaliveĒ.


            But please donít think the poetry,

            The bakingís going to stop,

            That may have to be at 3 am,

            So I can keep on top.


            I know that you all appreciate,

            That I have got a craft,

            But thatís what makes our club so good,

            We enjoy all being daft.


            Geoff says a buzz it brings me,

            Of course he means I love it,

            Although my bodies full of pain,

            I wonít give in to Covid.