No 185     September 18


We used to go to Skipton baths,

It isnít far away,

Although it was hard work for me,

The children loved to play.


My son had earned his medals,

And was like a little fish,

Iíd love to be a swimmer,

But I wonít get my wish.


I really donít like water,

It just ruins my hair-do,

And then I need the hairdressers,

Iíve gone through quite a few.


One day as I sat watching them,

A man came to my side,

He said ďis that your boy in thereĒ,

What he wanted I could not decide.


He said would you do me a favour,

Your boy can swim underneath,

I really would be grateful,

If he could get my teeth.


I lost them in the deep end,

And Iím at my witís end,

I would be so grateful,

If your son you would please send.


To ask my son to do this,

Really was quite hard,

He swam down and got the teeth,

But there was no reward.