No 186     September 19


I keep on writing all my poems,

Thank goodness that I do,

I’ve got to keep Fingers busy,

He loves typing them for you.


Today a thought came to me,

About this mess we’re in,

And then it depresses me,

When are we going to win.


Killer, Bug, Virus,

Words we do not like,

And now there is another one,

We may get another “Spike”,


With my writing, Geoff’s typing,

We’ve got through this quite well,

But for some of you we realise.

It must have been pure hell.


I think I’ll have to stop these poems,

When I tell you, you may agree,

I know you would not like it,

But just wait and see.


I’m sure this virus hangs about,

And we will not be free,

It just waits like all the rest of you,

To hear a poem from me.