No 187     September 20


Iím sorry about yesterday,

You got the wrong impression,

I do not want to give up poems,

Or I would get depression.


Iíve got a very active mind,

Youíre doing me a favour,

And the comments that you send to me,

I well and truly savour.


Fingers is just the same,

He loves his daily task,

For him to type the poems each day,

I donít even have to ask.


I want Covid dead and gone,

But it will feel quite strange,

If I donít have my poems to write,

My life Iíd rearrange,


Of course itís not a problem,

Ďcause Iíd be on my way,

Iíd be on a flight to Marco.

Now that would make my day.


This poem took me 10 minutes,

I wrote it in the car,

I would really miss you all,

As we have come so far.