No 189     September 22


I’m very pleased to tell you,

Our meeting all went well,

When will we see them again ?,

It’s very hard to tell.


It seems ages since we’ve seen them,

We had so much to say,

Thank goodness we were lucky,

It was a gorgeous day.


We ate outside at the caravan,

It’s what I love to do,

The only trouble that I have,

I cook for twenty two,


We talked about the new lockdown,

And different things we have to do,

It seems to me that every day,

They bring in something new.


I try hard not to break the law,

But at the moment they’re so keen,

The ones who couldn’t give a damn,

Just carry on unseen.


We’d such a lot of catching up,

To cram it in was tough,

We could have done with longer,

Three hours was not enough.


So thank you for your comments,

Hoping we had a nice time,

Of course then it was left to me,

To get it all to rhyme.