No 19   April 5           


            How long does it take to write a poem,

            People now are asking,

            Well Iím a person who gets bored,

            And Iím usually multi-tasking,


            I may sometimes be washing up,

            A verse comes to my head,

            But sometimes it can happen,

            When Iím tucked up in my bed.


            I may be watching TV,

            When a verse comes to my mind,

            I have to stop the programme,

            Whilst pen & paper I must find,


            If a good verse comes to me,

            Thereís something I quite dread,

            If I donít write it straightaway,

            Itís gone straight from my head.


            You know my passions baking,

            Iíd love to bake each day,

            Itís not good for your figure,

            So I give it all away.


            Iíve really given up baking,

            Itís been hard work but Iíve tried,

            Thatís why the poetryís helping,

            To keep me occupied.


            When I have finished writing,

            And got it all to rhyme,

            I run it passed the typist,

            Who then puts it on line.


            The poems keep coming to me,

            I know there has been many,

            My P.A. is so wonderful,

            And doesnít cost a penny.