No 190     September 23


I see we’re back in bother,

I want to scream and shout,

We’ll never be rid of this virus,

While there’s idiots about.


The government have no options,

Than to bring in these new rules,

They’re trying to protect us,

From the party throwing fools.


For the last few months now,

We’ve been in touch each day,

I feel I know you all so well,

You just want it to go away.


Thank goodness for my poetry,

And the people in my bubble,

We just accept thing as they are,

We’re fed up of all this trouble.


So if you think I’ve gone too far,

Just go ahead and say,

But I think we’re together on this,

And all feel the same way.


Don’t blame the authorities,

For doing what they do,

Their work is being ruined,

With the disregard of just a few.


They’re fighting an invisible killer,

It must be really tough,

So they’ve got our backing,

With the culprits to get rough.


They know they won’t please everyone,

They’ve got a thankless task,

But I’ve got a new hobby,

Get clothes to match my mask.