No 192     September 25


Well all the shops are heaving,

Just like it was before,

Everyone is shopping,

Like we are going to war.


I’m sure you remember last time,

Toilet rolls you could not get,

I couldn’t see the reason,

And haven’t found one yet.


No flour, that was different,

My hobby was on hold,

Everywhere Geoff went for some,

He was told it had been sold.


But we’re not going stockpiling.

We’ll use up what we’ve got,

Then start the promised diet,

The one that we forgot.


The government are responsible,

“Alzheimers” we’ve all got,

We just don’t know what day it is,

And if we’re in or not.


And now you all have been told,

To be out of the pubs by ten,

Don’t hang in there til five past,

Or Covid strikes again.