No 193     September 26


Someone mentioned a medal,

Well let me make it clear,

I’ll get my reward in heaven,

I just hope it’s not too near.


If St Peter meets me at the gate,

And is there with open arms,

“We’re really glad that you’ve arrived,

We’ve heard all about your poems”.


For me to get a medal,

Now that would be a shock,

I may not always wear it,

If it didn’t match my frock.


I just love your comments,

That to me is praise indeed,

For you to read my poems each day,

Is all I really need.


My poems are just like “War & Peace”,

They’ve gone on for so long,

I thought it would only be two weeks,

Boy ! Was I just so wrong.


My poems have been helping you,

I didn’t realise how they spread,

I could be really famous,

Even when I’m dead.