No 194     September 27


We all love our Grandchildren,

And glad when there’s another,

The great thing is when we get tired,

We can hand them back to mother.


But when the girls bring their babies home,

And a list of everything,

The way things have changed so much,

I feel I don’t know a thing.


They’ll say we can’t do that now,

I’ll say it worked before,

With the rules and regulations,

How did I bring up four.


We had the milk just warm for them,

Now they have it cold,

And the nappies that they change and “sling”,

Are in their millions sold.


No nappies blowing on the line,

How proud I used to be,

It was so bad when it rained,

Round the fire they had to be.


When you visit your grandchildren,

There’s toys just everywhere,

Mine got loads of pleasure,

With a blanket and two chairs.


They’d make a tent and hide there,

And a little peace I would get,

Then someone would start crying,

And need a little pet.


But now we’re in a different world,

Full of technology,

Really I’m quite jealous,

Accept my apology.


2 verses added the following day


There’s something I would like to add,

To the poem I sent yesterday,

When I mentioned nappies,

This I forget to say.


How could I forget this,

Always hoping for a fine day,

I’d three of them in nappies,

At least 30 every day.