No 195     September 28


When we all went to the swimming baths,

The children loved it there,

But with all of them to dress and dry,

It was a complete nightmare.


It was always busy,

A quiet place could not be found,

It was hard work keeping track of them,

Making sure no-one got drowned.


They all wanted drying together,

Me cold and soaking wet,

The children had just loved it,

Often going I’d regret.


Then off into the café,

All famished and ready to eat,

It always cost a fortune,

To give them all a treat.


The rest of the day was still to go,

Each day I got so tired,

I used to think from time to time,

I can’t wait to be retired.


But now I can look back with joy,

You just remember the pleasure,

These little children gave me,

And the memories I treasure.